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Creative Director & Facilitator

Celeste Joyner is an early childhood professional and business owner of The Children’s College for more than twenty-five years. She became an early childhood professional by default.  Her Dad wanted to own and operate a childcare center before he transitioned. He had a great passion and love for educating young children. So, Celeste decided to bring her Dad’s dream into existence by becoming an early childhood professional. Now, she has a great passion for educating young children.

Celeste was honored by A Place of Our Own and Los Ninos en Su Casa underwritten by BP and received a Congressional Achievement Award from the Honorable Elijah Cummings and a handwritten congratulatory letter from United States Senator Mary Pat Clarke for her service of working with young children.  Her program has been accredited through the National Association for Family Childcare (NAFCC) since 2009. She recently received her Child Development Associate (CDA). Celeste currently serves on two Advisory Committees for the Baltimore City Childcare Resource Center. She has recently trained as a mentor for early childcare professionals in Baltimore City and surrounding counties.  


Celeste decided to change her outdoor classroom into Nature-Based program in 2018.  Her program celebrates five years of certification with her outdoor classroom with Nature Explorer. She also decided to change her inside classroom to Montessori-inspired allowing the children to do more hands-on learning and developing real-world skills. Celeste’s motto is “You must understand the work, put the work in, watch them make the connections, enjoy it and reflect upon it.”

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